Day 1

Posted May 4, 2010 by vendoc
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Lord it is all about you. Our desire is to serve you. We want to see the church established in Venezuela. We pray for the Kingdom of God in Venezuela. Our greatest longing is to see your will done.

We know you have a perfect plan for Venezuela and the nations. You have a great destiny. In you there is a hope and a future. We pray for your plan for Venezuela. We ask that your destiny come forth for this nation.

You have a plan for the present generation in Venezuela. Lord it isn’t communism and dictatorship. It isn’t injustice but rather life and life more abundantly. Thank you for that. And God you have a plan for the future generation…. the children of today. We pray for your protection of the children. And we declare your will done.

You have a great harvest of souls. We pray to you, the Lord of the harvest, for that harvest. Bring in the lost. Grow the churches of this nation.

In all may you be glorified. Be glorified in the process and in the result. To God be the Glory for the great things He has done!


Day 2

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Our hope is in the Lord.

We pray today that you will rescind satan’s permission to sift Venezuela. Let this time come to an end. We ask for the nation of Venezuela. Lord our hope and confidence is in you. Rebuke the enemy of our souls. Rebuke the enemy of your people. Lord your destiny for Venezuela is great. Your plan is so different than what we see and experience now. Lord cut off the socialism, communism, chavismo, witchcraft and every ungodly work of the devil in Venezuela. The devil has a plan for death and destruction. No More! We declare in Jesus’ name. No more! We do not accept the plan of the devil for Venezuela. We do not accept communism…dictatorship… militarism… We do not accept the criminals that run this nation. We do not accept the terrorists… The president and the government may open the door to FARC, ETA, Iranian QODs BUT we say NO! NO! We do not accept it or allow it. We declare that truth today in Jesus name. Our future is not in the hands of the devil and those officials who work for him. We will not allow ungodly men tied up in witchcraft command this nation and turn it into a hell on earth. In faith we declare this nation is dedicated to God. This nation has a future as a nation of God. This disaster can be turned for good by God and by those who obey HIM. Let your victory come in the name of Jesus.

Now is the time. Take the one who is weak. Take the one who thinks he is strong and in control and show him that you are GOD. Demonstrate your power and plan. You are King of Kings and Lord of Lords in Venezuela. Show today who will determine the future of Venezuela. Show who is the Lord of the harvest. Show the world who determines the fate and future of the nations. Today glorify yourself in the nations. Glorify yourself in Venezuela.

Our hope is in the Lord.

Day 3

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Dear Lord: We declare your greatness. we worship you.

Thank you Lord that you are with us…. Your word is with us…Your ways are our ways

We fight against the works of the devil in Venezuela. We fight for our nation. Hear our cries of intercession Jehova. Your promise is that you will hear and answer.

We declare the Word of God over Venezuela. Your Word says to ask for the nations. We ask for Venezuela.

We resist the devil from Venezuela. We speak the Name of Jesus against the devil and know that he must flee.

We prophesy in the Name of the Lord that Venezuela will be a Godly Nation with Godly leaders. Venezuela will reach its Godly destiny. The Will of God shall be accomplished. We prophesy an outpouring of God’s Spirit in Venezuela. Holy Ghost revival will spread through Venezuela like wildfire. A grand revival will sweep the church and impact the society, culture, government…every aspect of life. And we prophesy a great harvest of souls.

We pray Lord for our nation and its people. We pray for those in authority. We pray for your perfect will.

Day 4

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We claim the heart of Venezuela for you Lord. We put up a shield of prayer to protect the heart of this precious nation. No weapon formed against Venezuela will prosper. This land is dedicated to you. We reaffirm the covenant of the Lord. All demonic and witchcraft pacts and covenants are deemed counterfeit and false. This nation is not bound by treaties and pacts entered illegally by its leaders. We reaffirm the support of Venezuela for the nation of Israel and the people of God.We exercise the right of the church and the spiritual leaders of the land to nullify treaties and alliances between Venezuela and enemies of Israel. Venezuela is not an enemy of Israel. Venezuela will not be an enemy of Israel. In the name of Jesus we intercede for this nation. We stand in the gap for Venezuela. We pray for your mercy.

We speak directly to the spirits which think they control Venezuela. You do not control Venezuela. Those disciples you have put in place do not control Venezuela. Those terrorists you have brought from other nations do not control Venezuela. You are doing the same things you have always done…lying, deceiving, stealing….we know the works you do…and like always Jesus Christ has destroyed your works.

We celebrate independence from the demonic. We celebrate freedom from tyranny, dictatorship, and communism in Venezuela. We declare we will continue to worship the Lord in freedom!!!

Lord we ask you to rebuke the devil. And take the human instruments out of his hand. Tear down the proposed principality. Confuse their plans. Reveal yourself as King and Lord. We pray for your victory today.

Day 5

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Darkness. Such nothingness. Such a void.Such a waste.

In the name of Jesus we come against the darkness that hovers over Venezuela. We speak to the darkness and say be gone in Jesus’ name. To the grotesque principality that desires to control this nation we say NO. To the legion of satan’s workers we say NO. To the plans of the devil and a corrupt government in Venezuela we say NO. Into the darkness we will shine the light of Jesus Christ. We will penetrate the darkness with the light. The darkness will be overcome. The Word of the Lord will overcome the deception and lies of the devil. The dark and cruel works of man will be overcome by the light.


Day 6

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Dear Heavenly Father. We praise you and worship you. You are a great God worthy of honor and praise. We pray for your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. We pray that your perfect will be done in Venezuela. And we pray for the establishment of your Kingdom. We pray for the church. We pray for your people. You Lord are our provider. You are our shepherd. We will not lack for anything. We pray for your forgiveness of our sinful ways. We ask you to cleanse us and make us like new. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the enemy. Prevent his attacks from reaching us. Strengthen us for the battle. Give us weapons like your Word to use against the devil’s works. Place the warfare words in our mouths. Place the prophetic word on our tongue. Cause us to speak with boldness and declare your Kingdom, power, and glory. You are an eternal God and you have given us an eternal victory. Thank you Lord.

We close by again praising you and testifying to the spirits of your wisdom. We worship you as the King…our King.

In Jesus’ name. Amen

Day 7

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Lord we repent of religion. We repent of a church focused on so many doctrines of man. A church focused on legalism. The church in Venezuela is not only a dead church but a church that brings death rather than life. We repent. We are sorry. Pastors. missionaries, and leaders are responsible for what has developed. Forgive us Lord. We have looked the other way. We have laughed at the extremes that we have seen. We haven’t challenged the work of the devil in the church and through the church. Forgive us God. A nation is being led away from you because we have played church. We have played with the power you make available to us. Forgive us and cleanse us. Lord we seek you to change us and use the church.

Lord you do have men and women of God in this nation who are praying. You have people whom you have called out and are faithfully standing on your Word. You have a people you can use to build the Kingdom in this nation.  We deserve your judgment but ask for your mercy. We pray God to restrain for a period of time. By your Spirit guide us as we follow your plan. We can tear down the strongholds of the devil. We can reach the harvest. We can make disciples. We can baptize and teach them to obey.